Citizen Calculator

Citizen Calculator is innovative and easy to use and beautifully designed calculator app for your android smartphones. It is developed by a team of developers to solve your real-world problems for regular and business requirements. CITIZEN CALCULATOR is a perfect tool for calculating taxes, accounting, daily ledger, shopping and even for homework.

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citizen calculator

Amazing Features

Check and Correct Options

M+ M- MR and GT functions

Real Calculator UI

2 Beautiful Designs

User Friendly

Super Fast Speed

Markup Function


Citizen Calculator

Citizen Calculator Is Amazing!

Our team has worked with passion and enthusiasm to develop this app. We are confident that our app will replace your physical calculator.

Free Updates!

We are constantly working to make Citizen Calculator an even better app. We regularly push these updates to the store. All the updates are always free.

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Citizen Calculator App is now available on Google Play

Citizen Calculator is available for Android smartphones. Download it from Google Playstore.

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